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United States
Hi, I'm the Gilded-Silverfox! I'm an American furry who takes great joy in creating my own furry art and characters. ^-^ I find it a great outlet in cheering me up, and through it I have met a great many people, many of whom I call my friends. I hope you enjoy what I cook up, and it would be great to see you more than once. XD

~You can also find me on FurAffinity at…

~You can find me on Nabyn as well, at . I don't have as much art on there as on here and FA, but I have created in-depth character profiles on there.

~I have a Let's Play channel on Youtube here:…

~Even though I'm not really a content creator there, my personal channel on YT can be found here:…

I'd appreciate it if you would ask first if you want to draw any mature art of my characters, as the rules vary a bit by the character as to what I would want them to be seen in. Generally, it goes as such:

- Niti, Vivienne and Allison are fine for artistic and some slightly provocative nudes
- Kim is fine for artistic nudes of a non-provocative nature (the real Kim doesn't like the idea of provocative nudes of her avatar.)
- Varpa is always nude, since he can't fit any clothes he tries. (Too many appendages.)
- Matt is probably okay for artistic nudes
- Gwendolyn, unless aged up to 18, shouldn't be drawn nude without proper covering.

If you want to draw them in these kinds of situations, please ask me and I will tell you if I'm okay with it. These are just basic guidelines and should not be thought of as absolute. In addition, I'd absolutely prefer that if you must draw couple art that it's Matt x Niti or Vivienne x Varpa. I do not want to have any other characters of mine in romantic situations and I do not want any of the listed characters in romantic situations with other characters.

These are my characters that I have created:

Niti Morgan-Zorra:
The avatar I helped create of a girl I once knew, now my most loved creation by myself and from what I've seen, most of my viewers. She is shy, affectionate and kind. She loves reading, the wild, and sleeping. She comes from a family that was abused as a whole by her father, and as such she has a strong hatred for him and anyone who takes advantage of any power they are given. She works mostly on her feelings, letting logic do its own thing usually. Out of all of my characters, she's the one I'm most sensitive about with fanart, mainly because the girl she represents was someone I loved more than anything, as well as someone who died. I want to keep things clean and respectful about this character out of respect for the real Niti.

Matt Zorra:
Niti's husband and my avatar. The real Niti helped in his design, both in personality and appearance, much like I did with Niti Morgan-Zorra. Though he reflects my true self more than Niti's avatar did. Matt is a caring, emotional, friendly fox and loves to be surrounded by people he loves. He likes drawing, gaming, cooking and camping, and loves nothing more than spending time with his wife, Niti. He and Niti have never been apart since he rescued her from her father and earned her US citizenship when they were 21, and he's been dedicated to protecting her since. He and Kim are also best friends, on a level that they often refer to each other as brother and sister, something neither had but truly wanted until they met.

Kim Morgan:
Niti's older sister, both in real life and in my art. The inspiration for the character has this to say on her personality: "Kim is shy, but pretends to be outgoing in public (even though she's freaked out.) She is kind of childish for her age. This can make her a bit socially awkward at times. She sometimes acts as a mother figure to Niti. She is on the larger side, but feels beautiful regardless. Kim is very kind to her friends and loved ones, but can be cold to people she doesn't know well." Kim was unable to gain citizenship at the same time as Niti and was forced to return home. But unlike before, when her father attempted to attack her, she fought back, pushing him into the wall and lifting him up by the collar. She told him if he touched her or her mother again, she would combine his head with his tailhole. After that point, he was truly afraid of her, and it was not long till she left for America. Her mother left her father soon after.

Gwendolyn Zorra:
Gwen is Niti and Matt's only child. She was born when they were 26, a year after the time period I usually draw Niti and Matt. As such, when I usually draw Gwendolyn, I age up Matt and Niti in the process. Gwen is soft-spoken, introverted, emotionally-immature and intelligent. She inherited a very severe anxiety disorder from Matt, and has lived a fairly sheltered life due to Matt's overly-protective personality. She loves her parents more than anything, because while they are overprotective, they do everything they can to get Gwen what she needs, even at their expense. Gwen is homeschooled because her anxiety was so great when she went to a normal school that she buckled down constantly. Niti was a teacher at a private high school until Gwen started being homeschooled. She then quit so she could take care of Gwen. Though, while school always gave Gwen anxiety, it wasn't until middle school that it became too much to bear.

Vivienne Windham:
A timber wolf girl that falls in love with a cutely designed furry-like tentacle monster. She's kind, gentle, introverted and soft-spoken. But when she opens up to someone she is a wonderful and devoted friend to them. She enjoys reading, playing video games, watching television and taking walks, preferably in a park or a natural setting. I am writing a book about her and her tentie right here on DeviantART C:

Varpa Zaginti:
The tentacle monster that Vivienne falls in love with. He's caring and kind, but also a little overbearing. He has little knowledge of human/anthro social norms, so he often does things considered strange to us. He likes simple things like eating, sleeping, and outdoor activities. But he hates things that require thumbs or things that use lots of reading, writing or speech. Unlike most tentacle monsters, he isn't a rape threat. He strangely doesn't like the idea, and the only girl he wants to shove his tentacles into is a blonde timber wolf with a petite body. Not that I'll be writing any of that stuff into my story, I don't even like THINKING about it. And I'm not sorry at all about not writing it in, you perverts! :D

Don't bother asking if I want a request or commission. I've been burned before and I don't trust such offers anymore. If I wanted a commission, I would go to you and ask for one.

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I don't know when I'll be posting more art. :\

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2015, 1:08 PM
Since I got my paper at the start of the month, I've told myself over and over every weekend I was going to draw something. I especially want to get the QnAs done. I haven't forgotten about them and I feel ashamed I have taken this long. I almost want to just give up on the questions remaining and start fresh some other time when I'm more motivated. I don't know when that'll be, but I hope it's soon. I have this small feeling it'll be somewhat easier to get stuff done when I actually have started, but it's SO FREAKIN HARD to motivate myself to just PICK UP A PENCIL! It makes me want to cry because I've fallen into this state when 2 years ago to this date I was at the height of my production, putting out like, 20 deviations in September, and a decent amount in October and November too. I don't know what to DO anymore...

:: Journal Skin by Yurii-The-Yoyo ::

Thought I'd ask again... who is your favorite character of mine? It's been about a year since I last asked, and my viewership has nearly doubled since then. 

8 deviants said Niti
2 deviants said Gwen
No deviants said Matt
No deviants said Kim
No deviants said Vivienne
No deviants said Varpa
No deviants said Allison


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