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United States
Hi, I'm the Gilded-Silverfox! I'm an American furry who takes great joy in creating my own furry art and characters. ^-^ I find it a great outlet in cheering me up, and through it I have met a great many people, many of whom I call my friends. I hope you enjoy what I cook up, and it would be great to see you more than once. XD

I have an alt account on here where I post all the art I've gotten of my characters from other people!~ :icongildedsilvergoodies:

~You can also find me on FurAffinity at…

~You can find me on Nabyn as well, at . I don't have as much art on there as on here and FA, but I have created in-depth character profiles on there.

~I have a Let's Play channel on Youtube here:…

~Even though I'm not really a content creator there, my personal channel on YT can be found here:…

I'd appreciate it if you would ask first if you want to draw any mature art of my characters, as the rules vary a bit by the character as to what I would want them to be seen in. Generally, it goes as such:

- Niti, Vivienne and Allison are fine for artistic and some slightly provocative nudes
- Kim is fine for artistic nudes of a non-provocative nature (the real Kim doesn't like the idea of provocative nudes of her avatar.)
- Varpa is always nude, since he can't fit any clothes he tries. (Too many appendages.)
- Matt is probably okay for artistic nudes
- Gwendolyn, unless aged up to 18, shouldn't be drawn nude without proper covering.

If you want to draw them in these kinds of situations, please ask me and I will tell you if I'm okay with it. These are just basic guidelines and should not be thought of as absolute. In addition, I'd absolutely prefer that if you must draw couple art that it's Matt x Niti or Vivienne x Varpa. I do not want to have any other characters of mine in romantic situations and I do not want any of the listed characters in romantic situations with other characters.

No Requests by SweetDuke Sorry, but at this point it takes too long to do a single picture, so I want compensation if I'm drawing for someone else.
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke I'm more likely to say yes if we know each other well enough I'd feel okay talking to you on Skype. But please keep in mind I am picky about style. If I reject you, it's not an insult to your style or skill. I have close friends who are better than I am that I still wouldn't trade with, because I want to love the work of the person I'm trading with. Not just like, LOVE.
Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke Again, if I can get you on Skype, I may be more likely to say yes. I'm picky about style here too. But mostly because I want to work with someone who I think has a style that would be harmonious with mine.
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke I work slow due to my methods though, so be prepared to wait.
No Point Commissions by SweetDuke I only use points to support artists I like, so I wouldn't see a dime of them if you gave them to me.
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke Don't ask me for a gift if you are a friend either. I don't care if your birthday's coming up, you're still technically requesting something.

Don't bother asking if I want a request or commission. I've been burned before and I don't trust such offers anymore. If I wanted a commission, I would go to you and ask for one.

Breast Art Sign by Gilded-SilverfoxArt Priority Sign by Gilded-Silverfox

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Here's some bullshit that happened today at CA, this gives the time I got assaulted there a run for its money. There's this older man who I have been mutually friendly with there for the past several months. Today, he decided to fucking hit on me! One, I'm not gay, two, he's older than even my DAD, and my dad is in his mid 50s. Not to mention there's already someone I'm interested in. So obviously, I rejected this creep's advances. What was his response? Not anything reasonable or logical, I'll tell you that. He fucking exploded in rage at me, and I immediately turned the issue over to staff. Hope this freak gets what he deserves, if he tries to fucking touch me again I'll break his fucking arm so he can't touch anyone for a long time.

My favorite Eevee(lution) is... 

5 deviants said Umbreon
4 deviants said Eevee
2 deviants said Jolteon
2 deviants said Glaceon
2 deviants said Sylveon
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